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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the one thing most businesses struggle with when dealing with a web design firm, as it is a very complex and elusive need. It involves content strategy and developement styles that may not actually make a visual difference to your website. Naturally, this causes many companies a bit of concern.

Introducing zgSEO

ZakGraphix' goal in approaching our SEO services is to bring you into the loop. We focus on compliance with the W3C recommendations, and directing the focus of content on indexable terms. These two items dramatically increase the ranking potential of a website across the search engines. We use the word "potential" because SEO is the cornerstone to a properly constructed webite, so it should be a part of each and every website built. However, not all web designers, or web design firms, understand the unity between code and content. Thus ZakGraphix provides optimization services to re-engineer websites that are experiencing low performance.

Most users will find our Standard zgSEO package the perfect choice, while others will want to increase to a larger pacakge due to the size of their website. Or some may even want to consider a completely new web design due to the number of changes necessary to make their website properly indexable.

zgSEO Packages:

Basic zgSEO - $115 per month for 3 months

  • Properly constructed SEO meta tags
  • All site headings converted to H1-H6 tags (applies to applicable CMS and HTML sites)
  • Ehancement of current or addition of missing Alt and Title tags
  • Correction of any improper content coding
  • 20 page limit before contracted price increase

Standard zgSEO - $325 per month for 3 months

  • Includes Basic zgSEO specifications
  • Content analysis for pre-defined index terms
  • New index-term specific content creation or enhancement
  • 20 page limit before contracted price increase

Premium zgSEO - $450 per month for 4 months

  • Includes Standard zgSEO specifications
  • CMS template alterations to make sure Basic zgSEO applies to all site pages
  • Full W3C compliance
  • 20 page limit before contracted price increase

Please contact us to learn more about our zgSEO service. Don't let a poor website content or coding destroy your SEO or development investment. Without proper SEO you will just be throwing your money away, especially if your goal is to use your website as an online marketing solution.