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ZakGraphix Targeted Landing Page

Any page on your website can be a Landing Page. It's really that simple. A general "about us" page may get listed for the names of the company and team members or employees it lists. A products page will be loosely listed for the products it contains. A services page will have an association with the various services listed on it. So what is a Targeted Landing Page? It's basically a properly written website page that targets only 1 key phrase - and does it very, very well.

Content For The Search Engines

The search engines have standards for content creation, and most people don't follow them. If these rules are followed, pages are listed with a higher relevence to the subject matter they are built around. Our zgTLP services are just about that. No hidden tricks, no SEO short cuts, just good, clean content that Google, Yahoo, and MSN love to receive.

Local Landing Pages

ZakGraphix Local Landing Pages Our zgLLPs are designed to extend the reach of a website's content across localized search queries. As most service, product, or sales related pages contain a more general collection of indexable terms, the…

Lead Generation Pages

ZakGraphix Lead Generation Pages Our zgLLPs are designed to exact a response from the visitor based on the need associated with the page's selected index term. These pages are specific, and usually contain video, audio, or an audio/graph…

Targeted Landing Pages = More Visibility

As the search engines love content, the zgTLPs are designed to give them what they want, and also provide additional visibility for your business. Local Landing Pages are specificaly designed to cover local searches, driving traffic to general service pages to extend a businesses visibility. We love these little guys so much we've included them in our Lead Generation Web Design package, and recommend them for businesses wanting to put a serious mark on the web. Lead Generation Pages are about giving and receiving, asking visitors for their input. In a nut shell, Targeted Landing Pages allow you to interact more effectively with the web and its users.

Targeted Landing Pages for Targeted Visitors

As always, the content of each page must reflect the intended visitor. As each page we create reflects the company it represents, so the presentation fo the page must attract its intended audience. Our Targeted Landing Pages are specifically designed for their visitors as well. We thoroughly research every aspect of the pages we create, making sure they are fully integrated into your website providing the highest level of SEL harmonious amalgamation.

To learn more about Targeted Landing Pages (zgTLPs), don't hesitate to contact us, or call 877-631-8925.