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ZakGraphix provides SEL-focused content generation for site expansion across the search engines. As this is a significant part of search engine marketing and modern search engine indexing, ZakGraphix' goal is to provide powerful, index-focused content that can not only be parsed and used by the search engines, but is also very helpful to the visitors that find it. In short, there is no gimick or quick-way to get your website found on the Internet. It must have good, relevant content that the search engines can categorize.

We provide both on-site content expansion through SEL Blogging, offsite index-term support through External SEV Sites, and key-word rich backlinking. ZakGraphix will identify the index terms you are attempting to focus on, and then drive the search engines to your door.

SEL Blogging

Since this is the foundation of the Internet, we are continually surprised at how many businesses and website owners don't understand, and furthermore, don't put in the time to get the results they want. This drove us to create our zgEXP…

External SEV Sites

Websites, much like pop-stars, draw their strength from the quantity of their adoring fans. The more fans you have, the more strength you have across the search engines. Inbound links are considered by the search engines to be the equivalent of …