SEL Blogging

Since this is the foundation of the Internet, we are continually surprised at how many businesses and website owners don't understand, and furthermore, don't put in the time to get the results they want. This drove us to create our zgEXPAND, our SEO Blogging Add-On, and its powerful addition to an zgACCESS account is the cornerstone to worry-free website growth and expansion.

Introducing zgEXPAND

ZakGraphix designed zgEXPAND based on the overwheming needs our clients had in consistantly putting quality, search engine ready content on their website on a regular basis. The search engines are always looking for new content, and new content is the #1 way to let them know your business is still online and giving back to the community. But, not all new content is created equal. zgEXPAND focuses on producing index term specific blog posts that can and will be parsed by the search engines to target specific searches that will expand your visibility on the Internet.

We currently offer two types of SEO blogging. Additionally, zgEXPAND services may be added to zgACCESS accounts for a discounted service cost. Quantity discounts also apply.

Standard zgEXPAND - $40 per billing cycle

  • Up to 250 words.
  • Includes 1 optimized index term per post.
  • Topics are pre-selected by client.
  • Requires client approval to launch.
  • 1 round of minor* revisions included.

Premium zgEXPAND - $75 per billing cycle

  • Up to 1000 words.
  • Includes up to 3 optimized index terms per post.
  • Topics are either pre-selected selected by client or submitted up to 3 days prior to post composition.
  • Requires client approval to launch.
  • 1 round of minor* revisions included.

*Minor revisions include up to 3 grammatical changes and 1 paragraph rewrite. Additional changes will be billed hourly.