AJAX Driven Websites: The ZgEXCELL Marketing Management Tool

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AJAX Driven Websites: The ZgEXCELL Marketing Management Tool

The Power of AJAX in a Search Engine Marketing Website Management System

According to Google Ajax is "asynchronous JavaScript and XML) -- a group of interrelated Web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous Web applications." ZakGraphix Web Solutions has taken these technologies and completely changed the way websites function, making them smoother, more accesible, and mobile-ready both in visual responsive designs, and also in the small DATA stamp our system uses to retrieve a new page as the user browses websites that run off our zgEXCELL content management system.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Customer-wowing browsing experience.
  2. Faster page transition times for all Internet connections, including 4G and 3G on Mobile devices.
  3. Impressive animated transitional features that work on both Mobile and Desktop viewing experiences.
  4. Smooth ecommerce and communications functionality that relies on ajax pop-ups and easy to navigate check outs and forms.
  5. A technology that isn't going away and gives you the competative edge over your competators.

AJAX Driven Page Transitions

Unlike some mobile technologies, such as jQuery Mobile, our AJAX system works in conjunction with the zgEXCELL back end technologies to specificaly send ONLY the data that is needed for the next page to load. This means a reduction of about 85% in bandwidth for the pages as your viewers navigate your website.

This helps tremendously with 3G connections, and lower 4G connections, and cuts down on how much data your viewers use in browsing your site. Depending on their mobile plans, they will thank you.

Transition Animations for AJAX Content

This is the fun part of web design. We just make it beautiful. Our zgEXCELL website system has beautiful drop down and slide out menus automatically know whent to turn themselves on, based on the size of the window that it is being viewed in.

Page transitions are smooth and easy, fading out and in new content and the viewing navigates the website, and providing them with an beautiful, easy-to-use site-browsing experience.

Smooth Pop-Ups for Ecommerce and Communication with the Power of AJAX

Checking out shouldn't be hard, and you should never loose your place on the website. Before AJAX technologies, this was the only way, but thanks to website engines that properly use the power of AJAX, we can give the visitor an easy to access and navigate communications or ecommerce experience through floating windows that never leave the page they are on and allow them to interact with the powerful checkout systems or communication modules.

AJAX: Power That's Here to Stay

AJAX technologies are only getting better, and they are the future, allowing smaller amounts of data to be transmitted between servers and devices and smoother user experiences. The zgEXCELLcms is built around this technology, and is ever-expanding and being upgraded to keep your websites on the cutting edge of modern technologies.

Learn more today my contacting us for a free website educational consultation with no obligation to buy!