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Internet Marketing & Design/Development Firm | Micah Zak St Louis Web DesignMicah has been involved in the marketing and design field for over twelve years. With experience ranging from Web Development and Website Growth/Analytics to Graphic Design and Digital Illustration, he has a God-given expert skillset that sets him apart in the web design industry. Having worked extensively as a Customer Service Representative and Escalation Designer, Micah is very aware of the challenges that business owners face when dealing expanding their businesses and the fantastic opportunities available through Internet Marketing. Because of this, he is dedicated to providing a level of service that helps his clients easily bridge the gap between business and the convoluted struggles of developing a successful on-line presence.

His background includes Marketing and Sales, Offset Printing, Publication Graphic Arts, Print Management and Printing/Computer Hardware Support and Maintenance, and Web Development/Graphic Design, all of which give him a dynamic and unqiue point of view into developing successful strategies for web-based business growth and marketing success.

Micah lives in Belleville, Illinois with his beautiful wife, Melissa, and their twin daughters, Alexis and Natalie, and their baby girl Chloe. He enjoys writing, teaching, illustrating and traveling.